This story of Italian entrepreneurship Fabiana Filippi began in 1985 in the heart of Umbria, conventionally embodying the authentically “Made in Italy”. Here the tradition of craftsmanship and the love of excellence meet a contemporary view of design for the sophisticated and elegant woman.

Mario & Giacomo Filippi Coccetta @Fabiana Filippi

The new Fabiana Filippi collection materialises in the hushed atmosphere of a winter dawn. The morning mist dissolves, allowing a femininity to emerge with clean and simple contours, and drawn by wrap-around yarns and noble fabrics.

Lookbook @Fabiana Filippi

The chromatic landscape is suspended between ethereal nuances and concrete tones. From pure white to misty to ecru, then stone and amber to olive green and slate; the colours are drawn from the woods and fade away into the cold colours of the winter sea, with “ton sur ton” or contrasting combinations. Each proposal embraces a natural elegance, the will to define forms without constraining them. So soft coats and hoods are gently aligned with the figure. Over-size lines combine with well-defined shapes, as with the gaiter trousers. Men’s tailored jackets with check patterning are worn over shirts from the era of Victorian romanticism.

Lookbook @Fabiana Filippi

The materials project always a vision of clean elegance, minimal but detailed. The knitwear has a crisp purity. The outerwear is extra-soft in baby camel, alpaca, or new jacquard techniques embellished with fil coupé. The trench coats a textural and natural mix, threads mixed with velvet to give a relaxed sporty chic. The workmanship adds a sense of magic to daily attitudes, making something special of the garments and accessories.

Lookbook @Fabiana Filippi

Light silk petals impart an impalpable poetry to the knitwear. Laminations give a satin sheen to the jersey and shearling. Hand-stitched fox boules give an aristocracy to the overcoats. Cashmere and alpaca assume the soft dimensionality of a fur.

Giacomo & Mario Filippi Coccetta @Fabiana Filippi

A collection of dreamy modernity, rich with emotions and authenticity at every glance, unmistakable signs of the aesthetic course taken by Fabiana Filippi.

Interview mit Mario Filippi Coccetta



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