The opening of his very own “Ali Adar Couture” store opens up numerous possibilities for Ali Adar’s clients all over the world. Located near the KÖ in Düsseldorf, Ali Adar can now offer his exclusive bespoke coats, suits, as well as shirts of his own design to his exclusive circle of clients.

His shirts show off Adar’s signature design and cut, which fits the masculine stature perfectly. Every single detail is planned and thought through thoroughly. One of his shirt’s significant details is the ideal emphasis of the body and figure. One example of this is a higher cut of the armhole, hereby solving the problem of bothersome horizontal creases produced by too much fabric. Adar’s shirts fit like a second skin. The elegantly arched cut of the shoulder section is another factor contributing to the comfort these shirts offer.

The shape of the collar is also entirely a la Ali Adar. Its style pays tribute to the classic cutaway collar, which is very linear. Yet, Adar’s collar is slighty arched and offers a more soft and harmonic overall appearance.

Only when one has experienced Ali Adar shirts oneself, one can understand the splendid comfort and perfect charisma of a truly excellent dress shirt.


Adar Couture
Steinstraße 28
40210 Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49(0)211 210 77 935




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