By bringing the essential designs with traditional techniques; manufactured jewelry by hand craftsmanship, artistic object, natural dyestuff textile, scarf, leather and home textile; Armaggan defines own manufactured designs as could be passed down, appreciated in time, permanent and timeless.

Rare fl wers special to Anatolia, grown only the region where they were taken roots, were inspiration for Armaggan’s 2015 Jewelry Collection. This collection, ArmagganFloral Jewelry Collection, is also carries the thousands year culture to these days.

The collection, celebrating the arrival of spring and awakening of nature, combines colorful plants from all over Anatolia with the sparkle of jewelry. The fl wers, with their enchanting beauty and heartfelt names, are crafted in master hands with the perfect combination of arts and crafts, and constitute the essential collection.

Consisting with 20 precious pieces, Armaggan Floral Jewelry Collection will be reached them to the eternity by their beauties, some of them special to only Anatolia lands and some face to face with danger of extinction, interpreting with talented desings. Designed with inspiration of the flo al refle ts, jewelries in the collection were designed through the precious colorful gems and 18 ct. gold were used. With their fabulous beauties and thousands year stories; The Istanbul Crocus, The Caucasian Lily, Blanket Flower, Reverse Tulip, Peltandra, Dianthus Barbatus are some of the inspiration sources of The Armaggan Floral Jewelry Collection. And, some of them in the collection:

ANATOLIA - sapphire lily brooch

ANATOLIA – sapphire lily brooch

Saphire Lily Brooch, inspired for its design by caucasian lilies that grow in the high plateus of Blacksea and East Anatolia regions. On the brooch, 27,40 gr 18K white ve yellow gold, 0,12 ct round cut white diamond, 0,20 ct round cut saphire, 3,32 ct round cut t-savorite have been used.

ANATOLIA - ruby vervain bucket necklace

ANATOLIA – ruby vervain bucket necklace

Ruby Vervain Bucket Necklace, its elegance comes from vervains that grow in Central Anatolia region. For its design; 36,52 gr 18K yellow gold, 0,42 ct round cut diamond, 2,75 ct round cut ruby, 0,72 ct drop cut ruby have been used.

ANATOLIA - emerald and sapphire crocus ring

ANATOLIA – emerald and sapphire crocus ring

Emerald and Saphire Crocus Ring, Inspired by İstanbul crocuses that only grow in İstanbul. The croucuse has been figu ed by using the emerald and sapphire. The gems, have been used on the design, are 18,14 gr 18K white gold, 3,48 ct round cut t-savorite, 0,59 ct round cut diamond, 1,74 ct drop cut saphire. Defined as the most beautiful statement of could be reach to the universality from local, The Armaggan Floral Jewelry Collection meets the design with craftsmanship; past with future.




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