„It is rare for any prestigious brand today to trace back 250 years of continuous history.“
Daniela Riccardi, NYT, an interview with Baccarat General Manager

In 1764, King Louis XV issued a royal warrant to establish glassmaking factory in the village of Baccarat in Lorraine in eastern France. The factory initially made only glass and mirrors. In 1816, after long researches, it achieved producing crystal. When calendar showed the year 1823, it received its first royal order from Louis XVIII — the order started the fashion for using different glasses for water, white wine, red wine and champagne.

Known with this story, the brand’s name, from mouth to mouth, started to be remembered as another name of excellence and desire. On 12th October, 1828, Baccarat manufactory welcomed King of France Charles X. While this visiting of King Charles, he received a pitcher which has an arms of France in gold on it. After this visiting, the world’s great and the good started to enter the Baccarat’s client list. In year 1832, Baccarat opened its first boutique in Paris. This store became an important reference to the refined and exceptional crystals. Extended its product range to the most magnificent pieces can be gathered by crystal making, the brand started to come to the forefront in 1840s- with formal of Baccarat style’s sumptuous chandelier, Zénith. With its structure like as a tree, Zénith has curved branches which are inherent to Baccarat. Unique designed Zénith(s) is still mentioned with its play of light and is placed between in the chandeliers which are adorning the world-famous palaces.

Baccarat - Gold Glasses

Baccarat – Gold Glasses

Another iconic good is started to produce in 1841, Harcourt glasses. With its hexagonal foots and play of light on gently curved facets, it exemplifies the Baccarat signature. It has gained its status with being preferred by monarchs and presidents worldwide since the year 1841. This iconic symbol has adorned the world’s most prestigious tables, from Napoleon III to Pope John Paul II.

Baccarat, we could say the best crystal producer in the world, joined the first World’s Fair in Paris organized in 1855. And it astounds visitors with two immense candelabras along with many pieces that produced especially for the fair. Those candelabras were over five meters long with 90 and 140 lights. The second fair organized in 1867 due to tremendous impression of the first one. 7 meters long two monumental vases left an indelible mark on the fair. The vases were obtained after a two years work. Vases adorned with rubies and patterns inspired by a Charles-Joseph Natoire painting. Emperor Napoleon III awarded Baccarat with Grand Prix of Paris’ at second World’s Fair.

These World’s Fair(s) enabled Baccarat expand to East, and Ottoman Emperor Abdülaziz is also between the names of introduced the Baccarat while the 1867 World’s Fair. Following this visit, he ordered 31 chandeliers and 12 candelabras to decorate the palaces which are Dolmabahçe, Yıldız and Beylerbeyi. Growing bigger with influence of World’s Fair(s), the brand has added distinguished names like Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia and Japanese Emperor Mutsihito to its list of special customers.

Baccarat - Crystal Glasses

Baccarat – Crystal Glasses

The width of Baccarat’s product range and beauty of the goods which they supplied to special customers inebriated everyone who wanted to feel special. Savoir faire of the artisans was enough to convince the guests as well as the owners. The brand reached 20th century with these magnificent products. In 1916, chemist Georges Chavalier joined Baccarat. His timeless creations have played a key role in propelling Baccarat into modernity. Sets of glasses, plates, animal sculptures, lighting pieces, furniture and jewelry and even perfume bottles… The International Exhibition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in 1925 has also been an ostentatious proof of the incredible harmony between Baccarat and the designer Chavalier as well as modern times.

There were celebrities such as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan III, Marylin Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II and Coco Chanel among the most important clients of the modern era. Baccarat reinforced the brand perception with each product that those names had and its modern designs have continued to serve the dreams with the upcoming 21st century. In 1975, Salvador Dali; one of the most important representatives of Surrealism; was one of the designers of Baccarat and designed perfume bottle named Le Roi Soleil for Elsa Schiaparelli. The brand started to use its trademark red at octagonal crystals in all chandeliers in the 21st century. This trademark color was Baccarat’s ruby red which developed in 1839. The brand made its boutiques which defined as crystal palaces legendary with the style of the 21st century and its tradition heritage of more than two centuries.

Baccarat - Cristalleries de Baccarat

Baccarat – Cristalleries de Baccarat

Bottle designs are one of the most legendary works of Baccarat in the 21st century. Designs of the bottles allow you to see the dazzling and dizzying smells and tastes that kept inside. Before mentioned dazzling delights legend was Baccarat’s legend that continued by Remy Martin Louis XIII and Cask 42.6. The first Remy Martin bottle was produced by Baccarat’s skilled craftsmen in 1936 with stamping lily pattern (fleurs de-lis) on it. Louis XIII, the famous bottle stamped with fleurs de-lis made by Baccarat for Remy Martin since 1936 was adorned with voluptuous black crystal in 2009. And Cask 42.6, enters by right into the legend. Baccarat’s recent work in 2014 was a chess set that brought iconic Harcourt design and blue crystal together. The study which can be considered as a reinterpretation of Harcourt design shows the innovative perspective of the brand celebrated its 250th anniversary. Talking about the products, describing the designs at its legendary history is sufficient to explain this brand without the need to use adjectives.

What was the beginning of the story then? King Louis XVIII started a fashion to use the different glasses by a royal commission for making the different glasses for water, white wine, red wine and champagne. And today, Baccarat continues the legend of crystals at crystal palaces with so many talented designers like as it did for the last 251 years.

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