I was pleased for the boss called me and said; you will write the Rixos Pera. I like Pera and it’s around and Pera and have already wondered the Rixos Pera.

Chapelle - stained glass

Chapelle – stained glass

After that only a few steps when you entered the hotel, we went out a courtyard. Here is the restaurant Chapelle in the Rixos Pera İstanbul. Its name is coming from it is located in the backyard of a chapel. While we saw a few table and observe how quiet yard, we have already sat around our table. It is balmy and there is soft-lights created a romantic ambiance it is exactly to be alone with your boyfriend. The hotel’s General Manager Volkan Öztürkler who is so cheerful, warmhearted and talking was our company. We were talking about their hotels especially Rixos Pera and chapel in it. Has founded in 1582, the chapel is belongs to the British Consulate; however, its maintenance is assumed by the Rixos Pera and still active. Reflected from stained glass of the chapel, colorful light beam is putting towards to our table. On the stained glass, known as the mother of the Christianity St. Helena has been figured; the chapel looks very clean and well-cared.

Chapelle - ShieldChapelle is an Italian restaurant and its Executive Chef is Bayram Yıldız who had worked with Italian chiefs for years. So, he is Turk. He came to us and said Hello; therefore, we gushed over to him. While we passed the meals, they said our menu is too wide since we prepared them all to taste.

We have started with Octopus and Meat Carpaccio. Although I don’t eat the octopus, my friend gave full mark for it and I have to say meat was excellent. After that Zuppa Dı Pesce Al Pomodoro Pıccante, I believed exactly for me as soon as I heard, which is a kind of seafood soup, came. Excellent savor, you must taste it. It is a delicious soup prepared with fresh tomato sauce. Immediately after adorned our table Linguine Alle Vongole so linguine with clams is also delicious. I have already liked so much the meals which are creamy macaroni. There is only a tip for this meal: If you eat it in the courtyard, you have to be fast since it is becoming cold. Another meal is Risotto Di Mare, risotto with seafood, this is also between the bests. The chief cooked al dente to a turn. Consistency of the macaroni and rice is very good. Maybe we can think it is undercooked, however this consistency is the right in fact.

Chapelle - Meal

Chapelle – Meal

We passed the main courses. Oh No, I am almost full up since meals they said for you taste it was so delicious. I must be over eaten. Tagliata Di Manzo Alle Erbe Aromatiche, grilled beef medallions, potato puree with saffron and fresh herb sauce: I don’t like so much. If you asked why, my mind is still with seafood and meat was a little though. I only tasted with a small piece. In my opinion, meat meals resemble with each others; so I can’t command. The final between main courses was belonging to Filetto Di Branzino, fillet of sea bass: It was simply wonderful. It presents with cauliflower puree, samphire and pepper sauce: Exactly delicious.

They told dessert time! I asked my stomach; its response was no. But then, I said I must taste Tiramisu when I come to an Italian restaurant. It was light and good. And, when I was considering it was over, water melon showed up. As last, I ate one slice from the watermelon. While I think that there was no more space in my stomach to eat, fortunately dinner has been over. If you prefer restaurant, Chapelle in Rixos Pera İstanbul, my advise will be seafood. Meat can eat everywhere, but you can’t find such interesting and delicious seafood everywhere.




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