I have been hearing about the food in Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul’s Chinese restaurant Shang Palace for a while. Therefore, when I was invited I said

„Let’s go and try this restaurant. Experiencing the restaurant would be good reference for my readers .“

Shang Palace - Restaurant

Shang Palace – Restaurant

Thanks to the kind invitation by Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul’s Communications Manager Deniz Topsever and Communications Coordinator Elif Aytekin, my boyfriend and I arrived at Shang Palace. We both enjoy eating Chinese food, thus tried almost all Chinese restaurants in Turkey.

Shang Palace is an acclaimed restaurant known for its world-famous Cantonese cuisine. Restaurant’s Executive Chef is Foong Wai Loong and the service hours are from 12.00 noon – 3.00 pm and 6.00 – 11.00 pm. Part of the traditional Chinese cuisine is the tea ceremony, we were served flavoured tea by the Chinese Kung Fu Tea Master who specialised in his visual show over 5 years. While Mrs. Aytekin was giving us more details about the amount of work the chefs put in, I realized Chinese people are from a very patient culture, different from ours. Mediterranean people, like us are alwayse so impatient… And the food… Our feast started with snacks; Sichuan style crispy beef, thinly sliced beef marinated and baked with honey, vinegar and a light spicy sauce, which was incredibly tasty and extra mild. Then we tried the Shrimps wrapped in kataifi. These deep-fried jumbo shrimp rolls wrapped with kataifi where served with homemade hot Schiuan pepper sauce and sweet chili sauce. Even though the shrimps where fried they were still very light and delicious. However, the Kataifi (sweet pastry) was a little dry.

As for the main couse we ordered a whole Roasted Peking duck. Apperently Shang Palace imports their ducks from France due to the quality. Roasted with a special cooking method, in special ovens brought from China, the duck’s skin was fried and delicous as well as crispy. Our very well trained waiter served the duck in a distinguished style, seperating the skin and serving it with handmade pancakes, oyster sauce, finely sliced cucumbers and fresh onions. We felt free to eat with our hands as it is very difficult to eat with chopsticks and also beacause we contiunesly got new hot towels during the meal. The rest of the duck was taken back to the kitchen to be re-cooked in a wok pan. The meat of the duck was finely diced and chopped and served with lettuce. Thus, we actually had two main dishes just from one roasted Peking duck.

„I wonder if the main course is over?“

said Buğra but just as so our diced black pepper beef arrived. Even though I don’t like the taste and smell of black pepper, I must admit this dish was amazing. Apperently the meat has been marinated for at least 12 hours making it extremely soft and juicy. The black pepper sauce it has been marinated in has definitely added much more flavour to the meat. I loved it!

Shang Palace - Restaurant

Shang Palace – Restaurant

Chinese noodles are very essential to me. So, I ordered vegetable noodles. It’s incomparable to those sold in the markets. This noodle was handmade by their Lamien (noodle-puller) chef and it was very delicious. We of course tried some sauteed fresh vegetables. Since Chinese people don’t eat salad, vegetables are a must. Chinese mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, red- yellow sweet peppers, were all exquisite.

I was already full when it was time for desserts but I had to try them for the article. We had fried ice cream and mango pudding. They were both light and tasty.

Hong Kong’s famous designer Andre Fu’s décor, superbly trained service personnel, soft music… Everything is perfect at Shang Palace. However, it must be noted that if you are expecting to dine overlooking the sea, only rooms and the other main restaurant, IST TOO, has this beautiful seaview. Even though the restaurant is located one floor below the lobby, it really did not bother someone as claustrophoic as myself, because it is simply elegant and serene.