Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa – Resort Luxury in Bohol


Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort-spa in Panglao Island which is at the southernmost tip of Bohol, Philippines. It is located halfway through Panglao along its coast facing Bohol Sea. It is a sprawling property which covers 16 hectares. Topography of the resort is varied. It has a gradually ascending cliff, flat land, a ravine, caves and has a commanding view of the sea. On the higher ground of the resort, you can view a mountain with lush vegetation. Down the beach is a long stretch of white, powdery sand up to 5 kilometers, 600 meters of which is part of Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa.

The resort is boutique in style which accounts for its exclusivity. Architecture of the building is decidedly Filipino with a splash of modern amenities. The thatched villas or “balai” in the dialect, are single-detached. These are built with sturdy construction materials, but the ample use of indigenous materials for finishing like bamboo, cogon, and wood is emphasized. Most of the villas have individual private swimming pools.

Another World

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

©Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

From the outside, the single-detached villas look rustic and simple.Their thatched cogon roofs and the creative use of bamboo and wood transport you to another age when one had more time for life’s simple pleasures. But once you enter, all the comforts of a warm Filipino home, enhanced by today’s modern pleasures welcome you.

The focal point of the resort is the infinity swimming pool which definitely blends with the sea at its bluest. The spacious restaurant has a cool feeling, yet with a warm ambience and plenty of sea view and swimming pool view. Dining can also be at the beach al fresco, at the poolside and in the garden. The caring staff make your stay more worthwhile and memorable. Their simplicity & graciousness make you feel relaxed & pampered.

Handuraw Spa

Handuraw Spa is a big come-on at Eskaya. The spa is tranquil yet modern. It offers a gracious fusion of traditional therapies and modern spa technology, a melting pot of Asian healing practices and rich European spa traditions.

The landscape is naturally beautiful. You can truly appreciate beauty if you are at Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa! Tours are part and parcel of the Eskaya experience. One should not miss the beauty of Bohol’s countryside.

Unique Pleasures

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

©Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

From the highlands of Bohol in the Visayas come the rich healing traditions of the Eskaya, a tribe known for their unique culture of writing, language and literature. Handuraw Spa offers a gracious fusion of these traditional therapies and modern spa technology, a melting pot of Asian healing practices and rich European spa traditions.

Handuraw is a Visayan word which evokes sweet memories & imaginations. Handuraw Spa gives you bliss & serenity bringing to your mind only happy memories of days past. Beautiful images play in your mind as you savor the heartfelt ans skillful rendition of Filipino and Asian spa treatments, using a combination of sound, touch and color therapy derived from these centuries – old healing & pampering tradition.



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