Frette which is the equivalent of a first-class luxury in the home textile industry, was founded by Edmond Frette, Jean Baptiste, Alexandra Payré and Charles Chaboud in 1860. At short notice, Frette grew into an international brand. Headquartered in Monza; Frette is making all its production in Monza. The brand focuses on meeting the unique needs of the luxury consumption market of home textiles for 155 years. Frette promises a lifestyle mixed with cultural richness and quality rather than the product itself.

Frette – Handwork

Frette’s story began on December 1, 1860 when Jean Baptiste, Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payré and Charles Chaboud decided to produce home textile products. Luxury home textiles brand Frette, was born as a product of that dream. In 1865, they founded a company to produce luxurious fabrics near Monza. The company is still there today. The brand also opened its first retail store in Manzoni building in Milan and still operating in the same place.

In 1879, the company based in Monza becomes E.Frette & C. The year 1880 was an important date for the breakthrough of the brand. Frette introduced the the revolutionary Vicenzi looms for jacquard weaves, and achieved tremendous success. That same year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Italy began a tradition that continues to this day. The ministry commissioned Frette to produce the linen for the Ministry and all Embassies worldwide. In the coming years over 500 noble European dynasties bought exclusive tailor-made linens from Frette. Each set is personalized with families woven crest. Thus, Frette name was spreading rapidly among the noble class.

Frette’s success began to be crowned with awards. The brand has won many gold medals at the national exhibition held in Milan. La Vega was one of the awardwinning products of Frette. La Vega was a depiction of a ship cruising Europe illustrated on jacquard fabric by Francesco Lietti. For the first time in 1886, Frette expanded overseas with sales by mail catalog. Frette, now began to be much more than just a brand that produces luxury products. Became the trend setting authority in home textiles. “Homeware” collection created for those looking for a full-fledged home comfort and warmth. In 1894, Frette produced the tablecloth of the holy virgin for the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Similar tablecloth were produced for the papacy celebration in the Vatican in 2000.

Frette - Textilwork

Frette – Textilwork

In 1899 Frette started supplying the Royal Danieli Hotel in Venice, to be followed by the most famous hotels in the world such as Hotel BelleVenise, The Ritz in Paris, The Savoy in London, The Plaza in New York, The Peninsula in Hong Kong in subsequent years. In 1911 Frette signed a new supply contract with Società di Navigazione Generale. According to this agreement, it would make a name in the seas because the doors of the cruise ships opened to the brand. Frette dressed the banqueting room of the RMS Titanic and the tables of Orient Express. Its products are still used today on the famous train. Frette, started the catalog tradition in 1926. Catalog covers of 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1931 was designed by Marcello Dudovich. Leopoldo Metlicovitz designed the 1930 cover and Giuseppe Palanti designed the 1932’s.

First Frette boutique opened in Bond Street, London in 1977. A year later, they founded the first company in the United States. At the same year, Frette strengthened the brand name with the first advertising campaign in the United States. The campaign has sexy connotation and its slogan was very compelling: “Nothing but Frette” Frette opened a new boutique on Madison Avenue in New York in 1987.In 1989, Frette launched its yacht collection, offering tailormade linen to luxury yachts, began producing for special orders.

In 2001, the brand introduced a new collection called “Luxury and Warm” consists of accessories in silk, brocade, precious furs and cashmere. An award came from China in 2005. The bed cover named Lucia which produced in limited numbers won the best design award. Today, you can find bedlinens, bedclothes, bathrobes, towels, cashmere blankets and shawls, decorative cushions, women’s/ men’s pajamas sets, indoor slippers, baby blankets and bedlinens, tablecloths, candles and room fragrances in the wide product range of Frette.

Frette - Detail

Frette – Detail

Another privilege offe ed by the brand is wedding list system which traditionalised all over the world. The wedding list makes it easy and enjoyable for the news couples and bestowers and eliminates the possibility of any disfavor. Frette provides quality and high fashion home textiles design in the boats, too. Combining the elegance and minimalism; the bed linens made from Egyptian cotton, bedspread sets, towels sets, tablecloths and blankets shining out in yacht collection. All of the products can be prepared exclusively for your boat.

Since 1880, the Italian government buildings and the Italian consulates all over the world supplied by Frette. Decorating RMS Titanic’s banquet tables in the beginning of the last century and now decorating the Orient Express train up to now. Frette has been supplying fine linens for many of Europe’s most prestigious cruise liners since 1911. Today, Frette serving its customers in more than 100 boutiques worldwide. The world’s most famous hotels such as The Savoy London, The Ritz Paris, The Plaza New York, The Peninsula Hong Kong are among the customers of Frette. Frette opened its İstanbul store on November, 2012. Opened by the distributor Alkon Construction Industry & Textile Trading Company on Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Avenue. First Frette store in Turkey offers you bedlinens, bedclothes, bathrobes, towels, cashmere blankets and shawls, decorative cushions, women’s / men’s pajamas sets, indoor slippers, baby blankets and bedlinens, tablecloths, candles and room fragrances and much more. Wedding list system is available in Turkey like other Frette stores worldwide.



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