GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF CHINA for connaisseurs Edition 01/2011


Travel and trade between China and Europe is as ancient as history itself. In the German-speaking central European countries, we are greatly cherishing the newly flourishing relationship and exchange between our two cultures and economies. We are especially fond of the intensity of our fruitful and friendly people to people interactions. With this first Chinese edition of GF magazine we want to celebrate the respect our central European culture tributes to the grand and rich and mature Chinese culture and its sophisticated people. We take the differences that may exist between our cultures as a most welcome source of inspiration because we know and feel, from both sides east and west, that our value systems rest on the very same foundations: cultural and philosophical depth, virtues of honesty, lasting quality, reliability and we all believe in the power of mutual trust between family, friends and partners. With this GF magazine we wish to contribute to the growing Chinese and Central European friendship and to the deepening of mutual cultural knowledge. We want to warmly welcome our friends from China to central Europe and we wish to offer to you guidance to some of our great historic cities, to our vital culture, to our philosophy, our unique food, our elaborate hospitality and to some of the great things we make. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria we are especially proud of our long standing traditions of craftsmanship, engineering and design. When we develop new products of grand quality, we do so with sincere joy, passion and hard work so that people can enjoy their quality and lasting value all over the world. With this GF magazine we connect you to some of the most outstanding traditional brands of Europe, familiarize you with their history and the people behind the names and offer you exclusive insights to their newest products and invite you to purchase with exclusive VIP treatment. We wish you an inspiring journey and hope that this first Chinese GF magazine and the future editions will be indispensible companions on your spiritual and physical travels to central Europe.


  • Carl F. Bucherer
  • Chopard
  • Bechstein
  • Chanel


  • GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF CHINA for connaisseurs Edition 01/2011: GF-Luxury Redakteur