GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF CHINA for connaisseurs Edition 01/2012


Since the fine art of time measurement takes a leading role in our magazine, we start with the contribution of the „elementary“ watches. It is the first chapter, which explores the subtle aspects of time measurement. Another focus of this edition is the 125 Year Anniversary of the Automobile. This great technological achievement and its historical stages, which brought the movement into a new dimension, is shown by the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Another anniversary in 2011 is dedicated to the pianist and composer Franz Liszt. Born 250 years ago in the Hungarian city Liszt, he is one of the greatest pianists, one of the most prolific composers of the 19th Century and inventor of the symphonic poem. Moreover, it is our great pleasure to start our special column about the personalities of the embassies and consulates with an exclusive interview with the Philippine Tourism Attaché to the Consulate General in Shanghai, Mr. Gerard Panga. Furthermore, we introduce you to exclusive Philippines travel destinations, in a new luxury resort in Thailand, and show you the legendary ‘The Dolder Grand’ in Zurich. With these diverse and delightful themes, we hope you enjoy this edition.


  • 125 Jahre Automobil
  • The Phenomenon of Time
  • Castles & Palaces
  • Franz Liszt


  • GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF CHINA for connaisseurs Edition 01/2012: GF-Luxury Redakteur

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