GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF GERMANY for connaisseurs Spring/Summer 2013


Our Germany Edition casts a spotlight on the exclusive Evening of Elegance that we hosted in the famous Hamburg Übersee Club together with OMEGA and SAHLING düfte.
In a separate article we introduce the Übersee Club itself and its heritage as a nucleus of the Hanseatic trade metropolis and since its inception a meeting point for leading figures from industry, commerce, finance, science, culture and politics.
Our “Made in Germany Column”  takes a look at  PAUL scissor manufacturer in North German Harsefeld, a maker of first-class scissors produced under the maxim of “Perfection, Profession and Passion” using the methods handed down by skilled artisans.
Our cover story delves into the exquisite world of pearls. As “Queen of Precious Stones”, pearls were endowed with mystic significance over 3000 years ago by the ancient cultures of China, and in the cultural history of Europe acquired attributes of the divine. Once surrounded by the mythical aura of Aphrodite, pearls are the essence of natural beauty and aesthetic perfection and in the 13th century were even claimed by Albertus Magnus to “revive the vital spirits”. Our article explores a complex cultural and historic sanctuary and uncovers the unique relationship between pearls and the world of women, of ruling dynasties and mythology.

We hope you will enjoy this Edition and wish you many pleasurable hours of reading.


  • 2013, Year of the Snake
  • Cartier – Les heures fabuleuses
  • ÜberseeClub Hamburg
  • Languste
  • Richard Wagner


  • GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF GERMANY for connaisseurs Spring/Summer 2013: GF-Luxury Redakteur


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