GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF GERMANY for connaisseurs Spring / Summer 2016


According to Joseph Lehmann writing in the “Magazine of Foreign Literature“, the Parsees, Egyptians, Greeks and the Germanic tribes regarded the stone as a gem from heaven and the eye of their supreme god. This edition accords a special place to the diamond, revered by the peoples of the ancient world as a symbol of the sun. Well into the 20th century diamonds were still believed to have supernatural powers. The Romans believed them to be splinters from fallen stars and wore them in their natural state set in rings and without any polishing. Only men were allowed to wear diamonds. Agnes Sorel, favourite mistress of King Charles VII and influential lady-in-waiting, was the first to sport the fashion of the exposed breast at the French court and in the 15th century she was also first the break the taboo and be the first woman to wear royal diamonds.

A further theme which we shall be continuing to examine in the coming editions of GF Germany is the world of art, with a special focus on Contemporary Art. We shall be starting with the TEFAF which was held just recently in Maastricht and is one of the more important and most well-known among international art fairs.

The supremely feminine couture of this designer is the undisputed archetype of sophisticated elegance and beauty, perfectly uniting nobility with the subtle esprit of feminine eroticism: Oscar de la Renta is honoured with a special feature in this edition.. The way he plays with the sensuality of colours and fabrics has a very special passion of expression and impact. It is my wish that the start of a warmer and brighter season may bring you similar memorable moments of intense life and joy in living.


  • Óscar de la Renta
  • St.John Knits – Interview
  • St. John Knits, Interview
  • Manschettenknöpfe
  • Diamanten
  • Juwenschmiede Jirgens
  • Chopard
  • Chanel – Signature Ultime
  • Harry Winston
  • Steigenberger Parkhotel
  • Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg
  • Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Lugano
  • Villa Stephanie, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Peternhof, Tirol
  • Whiskys & Zigarren
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape
  • Lamm
  • Ziegenkäse
  • Jakobsmuschel
  • TEFAF 2016
  • Geertje Foth, Interview
  • Joseph Tong, Interview
  • City Specials Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Zürich, Luzern

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