GF Genuss + FeinSinn – GF ZÜRICH for connaisseurs Jahresedition 2011


This first release of the Swiss Annual Edition remains true to the style of all the exclusive Genuss+FeinSinn magazines to date in its focus on exclusivity and the many and various manifestations of pleasure. We shall be spotlighting the cities of Zurich, Basel and St. Moritz and taking a close look at both the cultural, culinary and creative facets of these cities as well as individual aspects of the retail segment plus specialists from the world of medicine or the high-end service sector. We are especially pleased to have found in Basel Tourismus a partner who inspired this insightful and exciting exposition of Basel. The Swiss Annual Edition will be devoted to sifting out those aspects of Switzerland which were proclaimed with such élan over 160 years ago by the popular SHARPE’S LONDON JOURNAL: „Switzerland, dear Switzerland! In no other land have his spirits been so elastic, his mind so pleasurably excited.” With these words in mind, we hope that this Edition will provide a source of inspiration and give you much pleasure.


  • Genf
  • Zino Davidoff
  • Special Basel
  • St. Moritz


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