GF Türkiye for connaisseurs Fall-Winter 2015


GF Türkiye for connaisseurs Fall-Winter 2015 Every country has its own identity, which it presents confidently to the outside world. This attitude is expressed by the fundamental hallmark “made in”. Designations of origin, such as “Made in Germany”, “Made in Switzerland” and “Made in Turkey”, are therefore a kind of quality seal for a country.This clear indication is not only a shield for the economy protecting it against cheap imported products, which, for the most part, come from Asian countries, but these seals also epitomize the creative and productive spirit of each individual country.The indication “Made in Turkey” alone is a testimony of their own production process, as well as value-enhancing potential – be it with regard to cultural, economical, industrial, culinary or creative and inventive aspects. It is an essential intent of this issue to examine these multi-faceted aspects of Turkey.


  • GF Edition Turkiye for connaisseurs Fall Winter 2015: GF-Luxury Redakteur