Gf edition turkiye for connaisseurs summerfall 2015


Dear Readers, The third issue of GF Turkey presents, as has been established, highly-exclusive articles covering a wide range of multi-faceted luxury topics. In order to pay tribute to the 250th anniversary of Baccarat, the title of the magazine refle ts its renowned crystal manufacture and the glamourous world of fine dining. Most famously known for perfectly sculptured crystal in form of elaborately cut glasses and decanters, chandeliers, precious perfume fla ons, decorative elements and jewelry, Baccarat’s prestige has long gone far beyond the reach of the French borders. Turning our gaze toward another brand rich in tradition, we discover more about Frette – an Italian vendor of luxury textiles – whose long-standing history reaches back to the year of 1860. In combination with meticulous quality policies, the company’straditions have resulted in a well-founded prosperous establishment on international markets.


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