Giorgio Armani Women – Garçonne | Fall/Winter 2013/14


It’s a way of living, and interpreting femininity – the kind of independent spirit that ignores conformism and all that is commonplace

It’s an autonomous way of dressing and mixing pieces, a personal attitude to pairing accessories, that defines a particular style and character. Garçonne features simple lines, while its perfect cuts and combinations of materials transform it into something decidedly avant-garde. Black, its overarching colour, enhances the figure, emphasizing its shape with jeweled jackets, trousers and Skirts-cum-bermuda shorts, as well as with long, hip-hugging skirts that end in a bias cut. Hints of white create luminosity and contrast, as do the golden fabrics paired with lacquered black shoes and accessories.

Calculated eccentricity shines through in berets featuring special workmanship in woven velvet, their spherical forms adorning the head, as well as in exquisite suspenders, evening and daywear “garçonne” jumpsuits and embroidered tops. Woven, lacquered high-heeled shoes leave a luminous wake. Black onyx buckles are a common thread running through the jewellery, and make their mark on accessories, echoing the button motif that also runs through the collection.


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