Giovanna Locatelli, designer of the world-famous Italian boat and yacht decoration brand Locatelli, visited Turkey last month at the invitation of Vakko. The famous designer known as “Principessa dei Nodi” ie princess of the knots is well known with her designs that are inspired by the sea and her passion to steer the world boat decorating trends.

„I feel like an Alchemist“

Vakko - Giovanna Locatelli

Vakko – Giovanna Locatelli

Locatelli re-creates the boats and yatchs with her custom designs. The brand could be easily described as the source for luxury and unique design style for those sea lovers who’s in need of an exclusive touch. Locatelli designing every detail required for a boat. Locatelli’s products which admired due to elegant and stylish design, met with Turkish marine enthusiasts in Vakko Home.

In this edition of GF Turkey, we have Giovanna Locatelli, designer of Lacotelli brand. As creater of one of Vakko’s and Vakko Home’s most desirable brands, Giovanna Locatelli expressed her design identity and recent trends in boat decoration.

When it comes to boat and yacht decoration, you are one of the most known names. What makes you different, how would you describe your design style?

Vakko - Sailors Rope Decoration

Vakko – Sailors Rope Decoration

Elegant, original and simple. I met it at the sea, I found it in blue depths. Simplicity and naturalness combines with elegancy in my designs. Yet I am a designer, I feel myself like an alchemist. I create a new thing by transforming the substance. No matter what the material is. I pick the material which I connect emotionally and make it the protagonist of a new design.

What are the recent trends in boat decoration?

Vakko - Marine Decoration

Vakko – Marine Decoration

There is an increase in the number of designers who converts yatches to floating homes. I believe simple and alternative projects is doable by maintaining characteristics of the marine theme. Yachts, in line with the needs and tastes of the owners, reaches perfection with functionality and minimal decor philosophy. Which is necessary for yacht owners in a yacht is no lack of accessories that will allow them to enjoy the nature and yachts.

What products and materials do you prefer for decoration of boats and yachts?

Sailors rope is my favorite. My earlier works shaped by that inspiration. Today, in the same way, regardless of material, I use what excites me and that makes me very happy.

You also make designs for special occasions. Could you name celebrities/brands?

Vakko - Decoration

Vakko – Decoration

My decorative perspective for yachts attracted considerable attention. So I received lots of designing demands for land and water stands in fairs. When I am prepairing a stand in an fair or a decoration for an invitation, I am interested in details and overall presentation. Like I always say, there is a reason and a result for everything. Therefore, I can find myself in Montecarlo with very important media groups such as Boat International, Hermitage de Rina and more importantly, find myself doing the decoration job of the Italian Republic Day ceremony in company with Monaco’s Prince Alberto. You can see my decorative touches in celebrity chef Carlo Cracco e Paolo Sari’s invitation at a luxury resort in the Maldives, in a Porsche promotion, in trade fairs and promotional events. At unexpected moments and always with the excitement of the first day…




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