The Classic Fusion is name of a Hublot’s collection which bridges the past and future of watchmaking by integrated the classic timepieces with modern materials. With two versions for each, two themes from Turkey have placed in the collection. Known as special memories of 40 years in Turkish culture, Turkish Coffee and Aegean’s precious pearl, Bodrum, has been inspiration for these special models in the Classic Fusion collection.

40 Year Memories, 500 Year Heritage has embodies with Hublot Classic Fusion Turkish Coffee

Turks meet with coffee in the middle of the 16th century by coming from Yemen to Topkapi Palace. The coffee has become known with name “Turkish coffe ” since Turks has developed Turkish style cooking method and presented it with own style. Defined as “black pearl” by its addicts, the coffee has started to be placed in homes’ and palace kitchen’s essentials in time and to be consumed so much. Savor and fame of the Turkish coffee has been known through both of traders and voyagers who happened to pass the Istanbul, and Ottoman counselors in before Europe and after the world. Therefore Istanbul became a starting point in turning coffee into a drink that is appreciated worldwide and a passionate relationship that lasted for centuries has been created between this hot beverage with all its rituals, traditions and social aspects that are transmitted from one generation to another and Turkish people.

Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot took its inspiration from Turkish coffee for the Classic Fusion Collection which integrates the values from past with modern timepieces. In the serial, named Turkish Coffe , dials and crocodile straps of watches sewed on rubber are designed in Turkish Coffee color.

This special collection is offe ed within Classic Fusion collection with case versions that are made of titanium or the brand’s patented 18 K gold material ‘King Gold’. Hublot Classic Fusion Turkish Coffee King Gold model is presented in a limited edition of 50 pieces while Hublot Classic Fusion Turkish Coffee Titanium model is presented in a limited edition of 100 pieces as special for Turkey market.

The Name of Inspiration of Ultramarine Blue Become Hublot Classic Fusion Bodrum Blue

Halicarnassus with its old name or Bodrum with its current name, was the inspiration of Hublot in the blue model in its Classic Fusion collection special designed for our country. Known with its history kept under its blue waters for centuries and the inspiration it gave to literature, Bodrum today combines the blue sea with life energy and night life and promising an unforgettable entertainment and vacation to its visitors with photographic views. With an automated chronograph movement and offe ed in ‘King Gold’ and titanium case versions, Classic Fusion models feature dials and crocodile leather straps sewed on rubber that are designed with the blue color in open seas of Bodrum.

Hublot Classic Fusion Bodrum Blue King Gold model is presented in a limited edition of 50 pieces and Hublot Classic Fusion Bodrum Blue Titanium model is presented in a limited edition of 100 pieces.



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