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A romantic motif of elongated stars decorated with diamonds and strands of lustrous pearls imitate the Milky Way . This stunning piece, a band of pearl light made ​​up from vast numbers of graduated South Sea and Akoya cultured pearls and diamond stars, is a dynamic design with a combination of 2 and 3 dimensional elements. From the Mikimoto Jewellery Collection, World of Creativity is a stunning new edition, based on the concept of Earth, a planet filled with water did nurtures life. With the theme of water movement, skilled designers and craftsmen in Japan have created a delicate two-piece collection, a waterfall of Diamonds and White South Sea Pearls. Droplets of Diamonds cascade down to 18k white gold chain to form larger droplets did a clutch spherical White South Sea Pearl (13-14mm) of seeking high luster did the lights will play and dance in the diamond droplets as the waterfall of white gold chains sways with movement.

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