Palmiero – Tribute to the trees


The tree is a quiet companion, which is discreetly present in our walks, in our search for oxygen, air and freedom. It has accompanied mankind in his experience and it has been a mirror, a symbol and expression of fertility. Trees, according to ancient traditions, are ourselves and our own fate is related to them.

ALBERO DELLA VITA 1 and 2_gross-87c6f2c5They are linked through invisible roots to the rich and mysterious world of Mother Earth. Under the trunk, life is not interrupted and there is an extraordinary magical power because the trunk represents the heart and the support of the tree. It is durable, stable and it is in contrast with the foliage which is more transitory and ornamental.

Trees connect the three levels of the cosmos: the “underworld”, thanks to the roots that dig deep into the ground, the “surface of the earth” for trunk and branches, and finally the “sky” for the upper branches and the top drawn by sunlight. Thanks to its roots and branches, the tree is universally considered a symbol of the relationship between earth and sky.

“ALBERO-DELLA-VITA-2_mittelPALMIERO pays homage to the Tree and identifies it as an essential element for designing precious landscapes. Not only trees in harmony with Mother Nature, but also Trees of Knowledge provided with branches that spread to the various aspects of learning, and emphasized roots that represent pragmatic knowledge and the preciousness of human values.

“ALBERO-DELLA-VITA-1_kleinThe extension of the roots should be related to branches and foliage, otherwise the tree falls, so the growth of a tree also implies the expansion of its roots. By analogy, we can say that our roots gradually increase in our evolutionary path, since we become aware of their existence and it is so that they perform their function.


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