I will share a Spa experience with this edition of GF Turkey in usual fashion. But this time, you’ll read something out of the ordinary. I didn’t go to Spa, Spa came to me… This wonderful exclusive service is given by Park Hyatt. All you have to do is stop by.
You can check into Park Hyatt for a room with hammam or steam room just hire a room for a few hours of relaxation, if you don’t want to spend the night. 2 terraced rooms for massage also available for your service.

Park Hyatt – Macka Palas

Park Hyatt has twenty-five rooms which gives you the tangible Spa experience in an ordinary hotel room. When I walked into the room it felt like I was at home. Altough it was a huge room, the environment was warm like a home. Mr. Yücel who’s accompanying me gave detailed information about my accomodation. A lounge on the ground floor with a balcony opening out onto the terrace, bedroom, hammam and steam room are belongs to the room. All at your service in this amazing room. You can use the balcony for sunbathing. Comfort of a villa stole you away. If you want to have message, the masseur comes to your room with a massage bed. I decided to try this service. While Mr. Yücel was making the arrangements tried the steam room and enjoyed a little bit of hot water in the room’s hammam… And ready for the exclusive message.

Park Hyatt – Park King

After a good message, I know everyone wants to tumble into bed and sleep. And in Pary Hyatt, you can do that in a second. Because you have the message next to your bed. After an hour-long massage, I took a few steps more and I was in my bed. When Maria was leaving the room quitely I was falling into one of the world’s sweetest sleeps.

If you want to experience an exclusive Spa service, don’t hesitate for a moment. Park Hyatt is waiting for you, whether you want to rent a room for two hours or for a night. Don’t miss the opportunity for this unusual experience.



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