In the world of horology, it is a fact that the expression “Swiss Made” impresses everyone and it wouldn’t be forthcoming to say that Patek Philippe is a pioneer of the artistry for mechanical craftsmanship embedded in impeccable hand-work. The product that takes its place in our collector’s corner this issue, is no other than the Calatrava ‘Turkish Motifs’ presented by Patek Philippe under its Contemporary Collections. As it is known to all, Calatrava is one of Patek Philippe’s iconic collections and a visual feast for the sore eyes; this model in the harmony of blue, orange and red, represents the version adorned with Turkish motifs. The carnation, mainly used as one of the symbols on traditional tiling work and decorating the many walls of İstanbul mosques, is conveyed through champlevé on the dial of the model called, Turkish Motifs. 10 different colours of enamel and 50 cm gold wire were used only for the motif on the dial. Its bezel is adorned with 0.8 ct 113 diamonds, Besides, 29 diamonds (0,22 ct.) are used to adorn the buckle of its strap. Turkish Motifs named model stands out with its vanity and charm, as well as the watch’s mechanism is incorporated with elegance by the use of a slim automatic caliber 240. With a case in diameter of 38 mm, it is ready to take place in the collections of ladies that would like to carry the Turkish motifs on their wrists.


The high-end watch producer Patek Philippe’s collection will be revealing an air of Ottoman palaces with every single detail in this pocket watch, another product that catches the eye of a collector who appraises objects according to their stories. Ottoman Splendors with ref. 992/100J draws attention to the fine gold and red champlevé all over. The basic symbols of Ottoman palaces, like carnations, pomegranates and other geometric figures shine out through this product. Hand-work all throughout this pocket watch; is adorned with a case-back of eight gold spangles and cloisonné enamel. The handcarved engraving supplements the lid. As you open the caseback; the craftsmanship, guilloche design and the red enamel on the dial are enough to fascinate all together. The wholeness added to the design by the use of red jasper cobachon (0.25 ct) on top of the watch, is completed with enamel work on the bow.
Besides so many details of mastery Ottoman Splendors beholds, the watch function also does honours to the manually wound caliber 17’’’ LEP PS that offers the second function at 6 o’clock.




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