Rolls-Royce – In the Year of the Dragon


„There is no evidence of an engine power … until that power is required. Then it comes in a volume and with a fluency that is almost incredible, having regard to any sign of sensible effort in its delivery.“

Rolls-Royce Phantom II brochure, 1929

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars proudly presents the Year of the Dragon Collection, a commemorative offering in preparation for this festive celebration. Inspired by the legendary creature that is revered in China, the Year of the Dragon Collection has been created to celebrate the ultimate symbol of power, prosperity and good fortune. Designed at the Home of Rolls-Royce by the Bespoke team, this exclusive collection features a suite of unique detailing and design, which includes:

Dragon Coachline

Rolls-Royce in the Year of the Dragon

Rolls-Royce in the Year of the Dragon

On first glimpse of the car, a prominent feature is the twin coachline with a dragon, in gold colour, hand-painted to the side of each Phantom or Phantom Extended Wheelbase. In order to achieve perfect symmetry and balance, the dragon will always look forward. The hand-painted dragon coachline is inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing and provides distinctive finishing touches to the car’s exterior.

Dragon Headrest Embroidery

The dragon also appears on the leather of every headrest, carefully hand-embroidered using a combination of four thread colours: Tan, Golden Sand, Black and White. The colours are designed to complement a palette of recommended leather colour options and the design can be finished with an additional seat piping feature.

Dragon Phantom Passenger Panel Inlay

A dragon inlay will be hand-laid to the passenger panel of every car in this unique collection. The Phantom model name is also applied in gold, the two features match together perfectly.

Embroidered Cushions with R-R Logo and Piping

The interior promises two hand-stitched cushions for the rear passengers, specified with embroidered double R-R logos and piping to carefully accentuate the chosen interior.

Illuminated Treadplates

Rolls-Royce in the Year of the Dragon

Rolls-Royce in the Year of the Dragon

The four door sills feature exclusive illuminated treadplates with ‘Year of the Dragon 2012’ highlighted in LED lighting.

A Celebratory Marquetry Selection

Designed at the Home of Rolls-Royce, the Year of the Dragon Collection offers a choice of either modern or traditional marquetry to match the customer’s veneer choice which – as a reflection of the Woodshop’s craftsmanship and attention to detail – is laser-cut and then hand-assembled into position in the veneer.

Impressive is the fact that the Phantom can cover 44 metres (144 ft) in just 4.0 seconds from a standing start. It‘s a figure many sports cars would be hard pressed to match. Top speed has been limited to 149 mph (240 km/h).
Maximum power is 453 bhp (338 kW) wîth peak torque of 720 Nm (531 lb ft) reached at 3,500 rpm. More significantly, 75 per cent of that torque is available from 1,000 rpm, making the power delivery seem effortless.


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