Stefano Ricci, the classically modern and elegant luxury men’s clothing brand
released a new fragrance series: the Royal Eagle.

eau de parfum royal eagle gold

The Florentine brand’s logo, the royal eagle centers itself on the gilded metal frame bottles of three different kinds of scents. Right from the start, as you open the lid of the black leather octagonal box, in which these aesthetic bottles are preserved you get the sense of a powerful, elegant, masculine, and distinguished fragrance. The exclusive Royal Eagle fragrances concentrate in their essence the vertigo of the altitudes and the sky, where the golden eagle – image and emblem of the Florentine Maison – flies across with its
majestic elegance. Our particular fragrance, Royal Eagle Gold is an intensely masculine scent, a blend of citrus accents and spiced nuances, enhanced by jasmine and coca
and harmonized with patchouli and oud notes that give a feeling of strength and virility. With its mission to
carry on the Italian craftsmanship and its Florentine heritage, Stefano Ricci continues to give its tribute to
art through the Royal Eagle Gold fragrance and its presentation.




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