Six senses and the pleasure of tobacco

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The complex enjoyment of smoking is experienced with six senses. The first is appearance, which is decisively influenced by the form, glow and especially the colour of a cigar, although this is no indication of either quality or strength, since the taste is determined primarily by the filling, as the covering leaves make up a mere five to seven percent. Top products come in all shades, depending on the degree of sunshine and thus the time of harvesting and the position of the leaf on the plant. Negative indicators are spots, tears and holes. Sensitive fingers can test the smoothness of a cigar, in itself a sign of quality. Products that have been properly stored have a certain elasticity. Experts recommend sniffing the cigar before lighting it, a process known by Cuban aficionados as fumar a crudo (smoking raw) as a variety of aromas are already contained in the aroma. Connoisseurs can tell a good cigar by its taste – distinct spicy notes that range from cedar wood, vanilla and coffee to chocolate, cinnamon and liquorice or spiced bread, pepper and caraway.

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I fail to understand how someone can not smoke – he’s depriving himself not only of the best part of life, but also of a very fine pleasure! Thomas Mann, Der Zauberberg


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