Created in 2006, Vacheron Constantin’s Atelier Cabinotiers- „cabiontier”s workshop- revives the spirit of 18th century Geneva. At that time, prestigious clients came to order directly from the cabinotiers, reputation. Royalty such as King Fouad of Egypt or his son King Farouk were also ferevent collectors of one-of-a-kid models created by the Manufacture.

Watch Vladimir from Vacheron Constantin, Atelier Cabinotiers

Watch Vladimir from Vacheron Constantin, Atelier Cabinotiers

Unique in the watchmaking industry, this custom-building department offers clients a very exclusive service representing far more than just a finished product and based on the attentive listening skills and expertise. Since 1755 which it has founded, Vacheron Constantin has supported these own craftsman for bespoken watchmaking. By providing these service; without calculation of production time, for the watch which reflects all the desires of it’s owner, whole talents are exhibited. Here, one the watches manufactured in L’Atelier Carbinotiers is “Vladimir”. Owner of the watch wanted from Vacheron Constantin to design and build this superlative watch is quite simply one of the most complicated timepieces in the world.

In 2015, Vacheron Constantin released what this piece is based on, the Tour de I’lle. The Tour de I’lle is manually wound movement with 891 parts and it is limited production with 7 pieces for super watches that someone wanted to be even fancier. The Tour de I’lle had already have 16 different complication: It has the time, seconds via the tourbillion, power reserve indicator for time, minute repeater, second time zone, moon phase indicator, perpetual calendar, sunrise time, sunset time. For Vladimir, also a running week counter-which tracks which of the year’s 52 weeks you are in- is added between whole complications. Some of those functions are set to a specific city – which of course the Vladimir owner set. The 47mm wide case is in 18k pink gold and the client wanted custom engraved animal figures around the side of it. These animal figures represent the Chinese zodiac characters. There is more gold on the dial: the dial itself is 18k white gold and guilloche engraved. The dial is nicer, the hands are more attractive, the design is more polished, the colors are more luxurious, and the case overall is pretty awesome. It is like a celestial temple on your wrist. Vladimir’s technical and aesthetic triumph took Vacheron Constantin Atelier Cabinotier’s four years to develtop.



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