Yoko London – the finest pearl jewellery house in europe turns forty


“Yoko London” launches a breathtaking commemorative collection to celebrate this milestone birthday. “Yoko London” is renowned internationally for exceptional jewellery beautifully crafted and set with the highest quality pearls. The “Yoko” story began in 1973 when Mehdi Hakimian and his sons Michael and Alan tirelessly sourced gemstones and pearls from all over the globe. In forty years the company has evolved into a world leader within the “Pearl” industry supplying clients in over seventy countries with some of the finest pearl jewellery in the world. At the heart of “Yoko London” is a family of artisans passionately creating quality, luxury and unique “Pearl” jewellery for decades to come.

Yoko London master pieces featured as part of V&A PEARL EXHIBITION

Yoko London Callier© Yoko London

Yoko London Callier

This Autumn the V&A and Qatar Museum Authority are working together to present “Pearls” an exhibition of over 200 pieces of jewellery and works of art showcasing the extraordinary variety of colour and shape of pearls. The exhibition will examine how pearls have been employed over the centuries in both East and West as a symbol of status and wealth, how tastes vary in different cultures and the changing designs of jewellery with pearls over the centuries.

“Yoko London” has been commissioned to create some exclusive “ master pieces” featuring rare coloured pearls to be exhibited as part of the upcoming exhibition held at the V&A, London from 21st September 2013 to 19th of January 2014. It is a huge honour to be part of this major exhibition at the worlds greatest museum of art and design.

Yoko Logo© Yoko London

49 Beauchamp Place
London, SW3 1NY, UK



  • Yoko London Collier: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ohrringe: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ring: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ohrringe: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Collier: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ohrringe: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Collier: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ohrringe: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Callier: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Ohrringe: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Callier: Yoko London
  • Yoko London Logo: Yoko London


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