Dr. Onur: Which philosophy stands behind Fabiana Filippi? Could you describe the great novelty items of the brand? What makes the brand stand out from all other fashion brands “Made in Italy”?

Mario Filippi Coccetta:  Fabiana Filippi articles are the perfect expression of real “Made in Italy”, one of our cornerstone values that merges the qualities of selected materials, creativity, craftsmanship and great manual skill. A series of characteristics that we have passed on very strongly to all our collaborators, creating a work method that involves meticulous checks at all production stages. Every day, we combine our roles and responsibilities and pull together to ensure the best results from our efforts.

Dr. Onur: What are the ingredients of the long-term success and sustainability of your family fashion label?

Mario Filippi Coccetta:  My brother Giacomo and I founded the company in 1985, backed by great personal motivation and inherited family values.

We have worked consistently, using our knowhow, for over 30 years. We started out with the shared aim of creating a product that combined quality, style and skill. To these characteristics we have added the human value. Our work is in fact based on deep esteem and respect, first and foremost for each other, but also for our collaborators, distributors and end customers.

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Dr. Onur: Your collections convey traditional Italian style and captivate with the high quality of their materials. What means for you Luxury in the 21st century?

Mario Filippi Coccetta: Fabiana Filippi is known as one of the leading brands of real “Made in Italy”, positioned in the luxury market sector.

Thanks to their fine yarns and fabrics, attention to detail and contemporary, recognisable design, Fabiana Filippi collections express understated luxury, a style that goes beyond merely dressing and appearing to become a true philosophy of life.

Dr. Onur: What is the inspiration behind the fall/winter 2017 Collection? Could you explain us the characteristics?

Mario Filippi Coccetta:  The new Fabiana Filippi collection comes alive in the muted mood of a winter dawn. The early morning fog lifts to reveal a femininity with clear-cut, minimal outlines, highlighted by cosy yarns and noble fabrics. Colours come from the woods, fading into the cold shades of the winter sea: from pure white to mist, through ecru, stone and amber to olive green and slate. Soft coats and capes gently enfold the body, masculine tailored jackets in checks are worn over romantic Victorian-style blouses, cashmere and alpaca take on the soft dimensionality of a fur. All this is represented in a vision of clean, minimal yet detailed elegance. A collection of dream-like modernity, emotion and authenticity in its every aspect, the unmistakable signs of Fabiana Filippi’s entire aesthetic evolution.

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Dr. Onur: Can you describe the type of woman who would wear Fabiana Filippi?

Mario Filippi Coccetta: The Fabiana Filippi woman cannot be described using standard codes, she communicates through her personality, not her clothing. Fabiana Filippi targets a busy woman, manager, mother, freelancer, creating an elegant, refined, timeless product that allows her to express herself. Fabiana Filippi collections in fact are all about an exclusive modern style, no-limits taste able to combine function and looks.

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Dr. Onur: Luxury and sustainability – to what extent do you think the two are compatible?

Mario Filippi Coccetta: Luxury and sustainability are perfectly compatible. Fabiana Filippi has turned sustainability into one of its strong points that moves in two directions: respect for the ecosystem, thanks to processes with low environmental impact, and respect for its collaborators, guaranteeing their health and safety at work.

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Dr. Onur: Can you explain me the difference and significant philosophy between the white and the black label line?

Mario Filippi Coccetta: Fabiana Filippi collections comprise two lines: White Label and Black Label. White Label includes everyday wear, flattering women in their daily life, enhancing their personality without smothering it. There are 350 models that make up a total look with balanced functions and prices. The Black Label line is all about very refined total looks, in extremely noble fibres. Perfect for daily wear, they are also suitable for special occasions if worn and decorated with the right accessories.

Dr. Onur: Why did you choose HERWARTH’S Düsseldorf as the appropriate partner for Fabiana Filippis Black Label Line?

Mario Filippi Coccetta: Herwarth’s Düsseldorf is an important boutique for the Fabiana Filippi brand, mainly because it reflects the latter’s high-market level positioning. The store in fact sells a selection of top-of-the-range labels, in line with the Fabiana Filippi collections. Each brand has its own dedicated sales assistant, trained well to ensure that they can offer customers an exclusive, personalised product experience. The same attention that is a cornerstone philosophy for Fabiana Filippi. Herwarth’s understands and enhances the linchpin principles of our brand, and offers them to a carefully selected clientele.

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